Hawaii and Pancakes

It’s not everyday that you get to stroll along the shores of Hawaii and I have to say…

it is magnificent.

Sunsets so grand, you can barely breath. Gentle waves that wash over your feet. Soft sand to sink your toes in. Lush, green nature so thick, it dazzles in its vibrancy.

One of the best ways to enjoy this is to wake up before the sun rises. Yez…I know for the night owl folks, that is a hard thing to do and I totally agree. But in the end…it pays off.

So get up while it still dark and hike up until you get a clear view of the entire island. Yea, it sounds like crazy to hike up in the dark but then you reach the top and look down.

The whole island is asleep and the ocean is dark. Suddenly, a soft beam of light flickers in the horizon turning it pink then yellow. The light spreads rapidly turning the ocean blue and the island green. The clouds of Hawaii part to show its clear blue skies. sigh.

Then hunger strikes. Your body yells at you for one, getting up too early, and two, not eating breakfast. So the best solution is to go and have a hearty brunch at a local pancake house.wp_20160407_07_54_34_pro

This is the macadamia pancake, and this sauce is their specialty. People, let me just say, I love all pancakes, but this is like the silk of the pancake world. It’s rich and creamy so you might want a nice hot cup of coffee with it too.

And so the day ends, or begins, it’s only 9 o’clock anyways.

-blu altai

Dear love

Dear my Love,

Last night you asked if I love You,

Yes is not a good Answer,

And so I didn’t say It,

In your Eyes,

Elegance Lies,

Like a sunset, warm and Wide,

With your dark hair falling in your dark Eyes,

Enduring the day’s stress, you smile for Me,

Makes my Day,

Dreaming of being in your safe Arms,

Alas my Love,

Letting you know my heart doesn’t beat when I see You,

Your steady gaze makes it Stop,

Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours Still,

So how could I just answer yes when it’s much more then That,

The waves in the ocean rage and storm but I,

I stand strong Because..

Beneath these Torrents,

There you Are,

An anchor to my Heart.

-blu altai


Hot, humid, dry? Maybe those are the first words that come to mind when you hear the word “summer”.

But, really, summer is an endless celebration of sorts, of being alive, of the endless sunny days and waves by the bay~portfolio5

In Cali,

summer means blonde hills full of crickets and crimson sunsets..

warm nights winding down with your love under the stars as moonlight washes upon shores..

another hard – earned day.

watching the sun set, the evening gentle breeze caresses my hair.

sigh. it’s perfection


the night and food

There’s something about that moment when the clock hits 12. TV showing fried chicken complete with crispy crunchy satisfaction, steak seared and sizzling with butter on top, what is it with this 12 o’clock? Drives you nuts, the food, so close yet so far away. So you start of gently with a light snack, maybe nuts or an ideal slice of cheese.


ooh, need something sweet, now something salty, something spicy for a change, too hot, back to something sweet. And so, the morning of regrets is never far away.