A year since you’ve been gone

My heart shouts on

That you are the fool

5 years since I’ve missed you

I only hope you missed me too

Has it been 10 years already?

How time flew

I was afraid that time would dull my longing

But it only grew

I’m tired of waiting

But I won’t give up

I’ll wait a thousand years just to have the chance to say, “What’s up?”

And you’re not back yet,

But you’re close enough

And when the time comes

It’ll be worth the wait

cuz’ I’ll finally get to tell you

I Love you.

-blu altai


Dear love

Dear my Love,

Last night you asked if I love You,

Yes is not a good Answer,

And so I didn’t say It,

In your Eyes,

Elegance Lies,

Like a sunset, warm and Wide,

With your dark hair falling in your dark Eyes,

Enduring the day’s stress, you smile for Me,

Makes my Day,

Dreaming of being in your safe Arms,

Alas my Love,

Letting you know my heart doesn’t beat when I see You,

Your steady gaze makes it Stop,

Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours Still,

So how could I just answer yes when it’s much more then That,

The waves in the ocean rage and storm but I,

I stand strong Because..

Beneath these Torrents,

There you Are,

An anchor to my Heart.

-blu altai